A History of Quality and Innovation

Who We Are

Spring Air Greensboro is a third-generation family-owned and operated mattress manufacturer located in Greensboro, North Carolina, serving retailers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

We believe that better sleep is vital to our quality of life as humans. Science has proven that adequate sleep not only makes us feel better, but also improves memory, lowers stress, prevents depression, aids in weight loss, spurs creativity and even increases our lifespans. It is therefore our mission to provide the highest quality, hand-crafted sleep experience in the industry, backed by the superior service and value that only a local company can provide.

We achieve this by sourcing only the finest local materials and utilizing highly skilled, experienced craftsmen and women, many of whom have spent decades as a part of our company. The result is a superior 100% American-made product that will provide many years of restful nights and productive days to our customers.

Our family takes true pleasure in being able to serve your family.



Frank Grove is hired by Southern Spring Bed Company.


Frank Grove takes a sales position at Southern Spring Bed Company in Greensboro, NC selling Southern Cross sleep products.


Frank Grove's sales outpace the factory's production capacity.


Frank Grove opens warehouses in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Georgia to inventory mattresses and other furniture for quick shipping to local furniture stores.


Generation two, the sons Frank Grove III and Dick Grove are hired as salesmen by Frank Grove, aka "The Chief".


Sales escalated from Frank III and Dick's efforts. "The Chief" began looking for other ways to capitalize on opportunities within his business.


Spring Air Mattress Corporation was born, and the Grove boys began manufacturing Back Supporter mattresses.


John Grove Sr. an electrical engineer, joined the company to help with manufacturing.


Spring Air grows into a nationally recognized brand with Vanna White as our spokesperson.


Generation three Grove Boys John Grove Jr., David Grove, Butch Grove, and Matthew Grove join the business.


Our company continues to grow as we manufacture a portfolio of brands such as Back Supporter, Sleep Fitness, Comfort Caress Collection, Luxuriance, and Comfort Flex.


Generation two retires to allow generation three to continue what "The Chief" started 95 years earlier. We have the same passion and enthusiasm that "The Chief" instilled in us to help you get a better night's sleep.

Where We Came From

In 1922, fourteen year-old Frank M. Grove began working as an office boy for Southern Spring Bedding Company, manufacturer of Southern Cross sleep products, in Atlanta, Georgia. Having shown a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for the business, in 1926 Frank was sent to Greensboro, North Carolina to open a new territory for the company consisting of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

Frank had phenomenal sales success in the newly opened territory. Known to many as “Mr. Southern Cross,” he established a reputation among area furniture stores for outstanding service, quality and an infectious enthusiasm for the products he represented.

In the early 1940’s, Frank started a wholesale furniture distributing business, Carolina Virginia Distributing Company (CV). Full service warehouses were opened in Greensboro, Charlotte, Roanoke, Richmond, Goldsboro and Atlanta, providing local retail furniture stores with a full assortment of promotional case goods, upholstery, bedding, tile flooring and carpet.

As CV prospered during the 1950’s, Frank’s two oldest sons, Frank III and Dick began working for the business as sales representatives. The two sons inherited their father’s enthusiasm and passion for the business. Frank III began his career as manager of the Atlanta location, while Dick managed the CV warehouse in Richmond, Virginia.

By the late 1960’s, as the business climate changed for Southern Spring Bedding Company, Frank and his sons realized that their best opportunity would be found in manufacturing bedding themselves. They then contacted The Spring Air Company in Chicago, Illinois and were awarded the license to manufacture and distribute Spring Air bedding products in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

A new factory was opened in Greensboro in 1971, introducing the Spring Air “Back Supporter” line to dealers throughout the territory. The new company was extraordinarily successful during its early years, far surpassing sales quotas and thereby establishing itself as an important member of the Spring Air national organization.

In 1974, Frank’s youngest son, John Sr. joined the company after working several years as an engineer with Boeing for the NASA space program. During the next decade, the Spring Air Greensboro factory would expand several times. Meanwhile, Spring Air grew into a major national brand, using Vanna White as their corporate cheerleader and spokesperson.

In 1988, the current Spring Air Greensboro manufacturing facility was constructed on North Raleigh Street. By the early 1990’s, the choice was made to concentrate all efforts on manufacturing Spring Air sleep products and thereby ceasing the wholesale furniture distributing business.

In the late 1990’s, the management of Spring Air Greensboro was enhanced by the third generation of the Grove family. John Jr. now serves as president, along with David and Frank B. “Butch” serving as vice presidents.

With an outstanding office team, first-rate factory staff, and an exceptional sales force throughout the territory, the Grove family continues to provide customers with the superior quality, service and infectious enthusiasm that was instilled by their mentor, Frank M. Grove.